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Whether you or somebody you know is approaching a mastectomy or breast cancer surgery, these thoughtful products will help ease recovery.

How do you get ready for something that will no doubt forever change your life?

Facing a breast cancer diagnosis or increased risk of developing breast cancer, is daunting enough, but preparing for a mastectomy — the surgical removal of cancerous or potentially threatening growths in the breast — can be downright terrifying. As you begin planning for your surgery, your brain may be flooded with questions like: What will I be able to wear after surgery? Will I be able to sleep? What do I bring to the hospital? How many drains will I have?

While each mastectomy experience is different, one thing that can help you approach the procedure more calmly is feeling prepared. That’s why we covered products that will help you across different aspects of the surgery, such as items you’ll need in the hospital and the postsurgical essentials you’ll need.