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Shirley's Hope honours a dear and forever beloved friend Shirley Haber, who succumbed to cancer in 2017 at the young age of 42.

I first met Shirley at our daughters' daycare during pickup time. After only a brief chat I couldn't but sense not only her endless devotion to her four children, but a boundless, honest, and innate urge to be of support and help when needed. With every encounter her aura of positivity and humaneness became more and more pronounced. This bounty of generosity was not limited to personal-level relationships but rather spread over a multitude of communities and spheres; be it helping at school, at a social event, at a religious occasion, wherever and whenever needed - smiling Shirley was there, selfless, generous, and caring. Even after the devastating diagnosis and during her courageous and heroic battle, Shirley's concern for others was never diminished. Our friendship and memories together will forever be cherished in my heart.

Cancer is cruel and indiscriminate, devouring the body, the normalcy of life, and life itself. The heroic battle to recover and return to normalcy heavily relies not only on medical care, but also on the simplest of things, to transform a bad day into a good one. A comfy blanket, a post-op support pillow, a heartwarming card from a friend, handy candy to alleviate nausea, coupled with a special-gentle toothbrush to wash those yummy sugars away, and countless other items can transform despair and helplessness into hope, vigour and a will to fight.

By continuing Shirley's legacy of support and help and making these basic daily necessities to fight cancer easily accessible to those in need, Shirley's Hope will strive to promote hope and ease the journey to recovery for both patients and their caregivers, wherever and whenever needed.

Sophie Zaidfeld, Founder