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PICC Line Covers

PICC (Peripherally inserted central catheter) line is used to deliver medications and other treatments directly to the large central veins near your heart and is commonly recommended for cancer treatments. Medicines that are infused through a vein, such as some chemotherapy and targeted therapy drugs, can be delivered through a PICC line.

PICC line covers are available for daily use to protect the area or make it less obvious to other people. PICC lines will need to be covered when taking a shower, as the area shouldn't get wet.

  • PICC line protection. Your doctor may recommend specific ways to protect the arm with the PICC line. For instance, don't lift heavy objects and don't have blood pressure readings taken on the affected arm. Your doctor might recommend avoiding jarring activities with your arm, such as throwing a ball. Avoid submerging the PICC line in water, such as might happen with swimming or using a hot tub.
  • PICC line care. A nurse or other provider will show you how to care for your PICC line. This might involve checking the area daily for signs of infection and flushing the line with solution weekly to keep it clear from clogs. It's easier if you have someone to help you with PICC line care. If you need help, you might consider hiring a home health care provider.