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Post Op Drain Management Set

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The pocket set holds surgical drains after surgery. By eliminating the need to pin drains to clothing during recovery, it makes drain management easy and safe. 

  • Each set includes: 2 pockets, 1 belt, 1 lanyard
  • Pockets made of soft polyester fabric and are washable. Beige.
  • Pocket size:  L 7.5" x H 8". The deep pockets prevent bulbs from falling out.
  • Pockets have centre dividers
  • The belt and lanyard lengths are adjustable. Max belt length is 64" . Lanyard length is 33"

The pockets are worn under clothing like an undergarment. This makes changing or bathroom visits easy and safe since it is not connected to your clothing. Each pocket will hold two drains and comes with a centre divider allowing each drain to be seated in its own section.
The belt can be worn on the waist or hip. The nylon belting has a side clip buckle making on/off management easy. The belt is adjustable and any extra length can be strung through the top casing of the pocket.
The lanyard holds drains during shower or bath. It is made of soft nylon, has clip closures on each end, and also includes a length adjuster. After recovery the lanyard can be used to secure face masks around the neck.