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PICC Line Covers by Mighty Well

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The PICCPerfect® PICC Line Cover protects and covers your PICC Line and brings dignity and comfort to your day!  (Patent No. D818120)

Functional Design: 

Double access points make it easy to access single and double lumens without exposing your PICC Line insertion site. The access points are bonded through a heating process (so no itchy stitching or thread!).

Antimicrobial and Soft-touch Fabric: 

Advanced fabric technology including antimicrobial, moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties for every kind of adventure. 

Eco-friendly, Improved Recovery & Bright Patterns 

Our unique fabric is recycled from coffee beans to lessen our environmental impact. 


We know how sensitive your skin can get every time your nurse needs to change your dressing; with our PICC Line Cover's two-layer design, your PICC does not have to touch your skin. 

Anti-slip edges maintain the PICC Line Cover in place:

Bonded anti-slip edges prevent the cover from slipping down your arm.

Care: Wash your PICCPerfect line cover for 2-3 times/week and tumble dry on normal-low heat. 

Just like your favorite jeans, when you wear the PICCPerfect® Cover a lot they stretch out. But don’t worry, just put them in the washing machine and the fabric will recover to its original size. 

Product Dimensions:

Full length: 11"   |   Folded: 6"


Measure the circumference of your arm with a flexible measuring tape where your PICC Line in inserted. See our chart above and choose the best size fit. If you are in-between sizes, choose the smaller size. 

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